miércoles, 26 de enero de 2005

Shaking the capitol

Yesterday the drum shook the state capitol building as all the officials from Oklahoma and Tennessee who attended the Lord Alderdice's visit, including Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Chad Smith, entered and exited. Good words and not-so-good words were spoken, and the state's representatives (apart from one guy who looked mightily unhappy sitting up front) were noticeably missing. But the biggest impression i left with was that this was probably the first time a Native American drum had ever been in the Tennessee State Capitol.

Inside the event was being filmed, and leaving the building we saw the TV news trucks with their transmitters up. But last night and today, not a word on TV, not a word in the press. Apparently Governor Bredesen's TennCare changes consumed the media on the hill yesterday.

Still, i find it amazing that we can shake the capitol like it's never been shaken before, with out-of-state and out-of-country dignitaries, and receive not a single mention in the Tennessee news media. And to see who else did get covered yesterday by the Nashville media makes it feel like it was an intentional snub.

It shows how little we've come. And how we have yet to go.

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ozuyewakan dijo...

Word is that the Governor was at the Black Baptist conclave in Nashville yesterday, and that he waited two hours to speak before walking out.

He was around and available. We could have used him.

ozuyewakan dijo...

btw, the name of the group whose drum shook the state capitol building is Tanasi Thunder Singers, and their drum keeper is Pat Cummins.