domingo, 22 de enero de 2006

TN Indian Affairs

TN Indian Affairs
Vicky Garland's Unofficial Notes
TNNAC Regular Board Meeting
January 21, 2006
Call to OrderPrayer- Doug Kirby
Roll Call
Cleata Townsend-Chair Chattanooga
tom kunesh- Vice Chair Chattanooga (Secretary)
Wally Leary- Alternate Chattanooga
Lynn Clayton- Chair Jackson
Jo Nicholson- Vice Chair Jackson
Norm Clayton- Alternate Jackson
Sandi Perry- Chair Nashville
Dale Mitchell- Vice Chair Nashville
Annette Lawson- Alternate Nashville
Doug Kirby- Chair Manchester
Vicky Garland- Vice Chair Manchester (Vice-Chair)
Charles Lawson- At-Large
Deborah Rodriquez- Delegate Nashville
Mark Tolley- Delegate Nashville
John Smith- At-Large- (Chair) Having tests run on his back
Helen Wagner Vinson- Chair Memphis- Sick
Ed Vinson- Vice Chair Memphis-Down in his back
Cecilia Tolley- Alternate Nashville- out of State

Agenda Review/ Approval.Approved with a few additions2. Reports
Will approve the August 28, 2005 minutes online excluding: the executive session parts will be omitted from the web page minutes APPROVED
October 22, 2005 minutes read. APPROVED
Bylaws say post minutes 21 days after the meeting. Clarification: post 21 days after the meeting at which they were approved

Filing State papers leave it at Lynn's Address for now and save $20.00
Treasurer's report
Chairman- AbsentVice Chair- Commission nominationsAll number one selections were seated on the commission by the State. They had their first meeting in December.
Referendum statusI have taken care of that myself. It is in the process as we speak.
Committee Reports
Web Page- tom kunesh gave an update of what was included.He was asked to include AG's opinion on the three organizations relationship to each other
ATTENDANCE Committee- Vicky& DougRequest from the secretary's of both TCIA and ACTIA for their membership attendance records after each meeting, with ours being furnished on will supply them with a copy of ours if requested
TNCIA Report-No one was there from the group to supply a report tom mentioned some things that went on at their last meeting and about the Feb 11th meeting on recognition, legislative review, amendment to the Law to change from 2 nominees to just one (1)
ACTIA- Sandi Perry New SecretaryNext meeting is February 4,

2006Review of the election cycle and adoption of new permanent time line.
Application period opens on the First of March
Closes the end of April
aucuses will be held the 4th Saturday in June in election years
Convention will be held the 3rd Saturday of September in election years.
Appointments of Committees
Chairperson's job: TABLED
Appointment of Alternates (2 instead of just 1)Vicky proposed and asked Charles Lawson if he would be interested in being an At Large member of TNNAC. He spoke briefly and agreed.
Then we appointed Annette Lawson as the 2nd Alternate for NashvilleBoard voted and APPROVED
Wally Leary was made Alternate forChattanoogaAPPROVED

PROPOSED AMENDMENTS-Split Secretary and Treasurer- 3rd and final reading FAILED
Amend Quorum- PASSEDHave a First Vice-Chair and a 2nd Vice Chair- this was the 2nd reading and voteAPPROVED

Wording for phone-in meeting Approval- TABLED

Write letter to Commissioners and concerned parties about Legislative review questionnaire needing input of the Indian community - APPROVED
Write letter to commissioners and concerned parties about amendments without the input of the Indian Community- APPROVED

One or two day convention
Decided to have the convention one day, but to have socializing on the Friday night before the convention and have the nominees politic the morning of the convention with question sessions of nominees, then hold the convention in the afternoon after lunch, with continued socializing Saturday night. APPROVED
How to improve Greeneville and Knoxville's participation
Meeting with the organizations, fliers, press, meet and greets.Vicky is suppose to call the Commissioners in the East and Knoxville about meet and greets in their areas

tom is suppose to update our tri-fold brochure

Updating TNNAC's standing rules and posting to the net
Minor word changes- APPROVED
Time limit for public comments- 3 minutes- APPROVED

Mark Tolley addressed the board about Penson Mounds

Next meeting Sunday April 23, 2006 at 9:30 central time at the Honors building
Agenda items for next meeting
Old businessPhone-in votes
Dale's proposal on delegates
Committee appointments
Doug's proposal on redistricting caucus areas
Nominees for Vice Chair- Lynn Clayton, Jo Nicholson, Cleata Townsend
Motion to adjourn 2:30 APPROVED