sábado, 11 de marzo de 2006

Not learning from the past

Issues decided at the 4 march 2006 TN Commission of Indian Affairs meeting in Nashville:
  1. approved the original 1990 recognition criteria,
    with an amendment adding a $20 processing fee,
    to be submitted to the state for review and public hearings.
This takes us right back to where we started in 2004, as if the Commission never held its two public hearings, didn't learn anything from the public input, had no use for the study and research the Advisory Council did on the issue, and likes to pretend there's nothing wrong with the old criteria. Now instead of proposing the solution to all the issues previously addressed, we have to re-visit all the problems and fight for the solutions in more public forums.

I can understand ignorance as an excuse at the first meeting of the new commissioners (december 2005 in Memphis), but now it's either stupidity or plain old reactionism that just prevented the Commission from adopting the solutions to the problems inherent in the old recognition critieria. Either way, the stupids and the reactionaries either need to get smart and with it fast, or get recalled for incompetence. I suggest smartening up fast.