martes, 22 de mayo de 2007

on agendas

when we recreated the Commission, we wanted to be sure that the public was informed about the Commission's agenda items so we, the public, could know and follow what was being discussed, and to be able to have the opportunity for input into Commission decision-making before the Commission meeting. we've been disappointed several times by false, misleading and sometimes hidden agendas. some commissioners - past and present - have learned how to avoid public review of agenda items before the Commission meetings by either obscuring or simply not explaining the true nature of their agenda proposals (like 'caption bills' in the state legislature), or by adding new agenda items that nobody is prepared for at the meeting itself, or by bringing up a general topic during Commission meetings and turning it towards a motion that nobody else is prepared for - the old bait-and-switch.

these are dirty political tactics designed to blindside other commissioners as well as the public in hopes that surprise and lack of background information will improve the chances of their motion passing by the uninformed commissioner.

i hope you'll all take some time when this coming meeting's agenda comes out to review it - to make sure you know what's being proposed and the potential avenues for resolution. if you don't understand the agenda item, i hope you'll press the commissioner who proposed it to explain it, fully. additionally, i hope you'll ask whether the proposed agenda items move the Commission towards doing more, better projects or if it's discussion that will just stall the Commission for a couple more months, or even do it more damage.