domingo, 2 de enero de 2005

by request

what i write here is my personal opinion.

last month, on sunday, 5 december, the day after the Commission of Indian Affairs meeting in Memphis, 10 TNNAC Board members and 1 alternate tried me on 6 charges that covered a range of issues stemming from allegations presented at the 18 september Commission meeting in Knoxville, and included the kitchen sink. the TNNAC Board dismissed 1 count (not the kitchen sink one) and found me "Not Guilty" on the remaining 5 counts. will be waiting for the TNNAC Board to make their own public statement about the events, or next month, whichever comes first. but in the meantime, i've been asked to reiterate a couple things to the TN indian community, and to let you know of a couple requests they made of me:

(from my 5 december notes. may be different from official wording to come later.)

TNNAC board requests of tom kunesh:

  1. restriction from personal information held by TNNAC (all TNNAC board members are restricted. the only person who has access to them is the TNNAC secretary).
  2. any statement or response to the media or government or public be prefaced with a disclaimer that what i say is my personal opinion.
  3. thoroughly investigate my personal office for any TNNAC records and return any to TNNAC.
  4. agree to keep personal grievances away from public view and any reply to be sent directly to the individual, and take all possible steps not to reflect comments on/to TNNAC.
  5. make a statement: that i acted on my own, individually, and that i have agreed to comply with (these) requests of the TNNAC board.

i've agreed.
and here's my statement in compliance with request 5:

I, thomas peter kunesh, acted as a private citizen and individual member of the Tennessee indian community in all matters addressed by the TNNAC board and others on and before 5 december 2004. I am solely responsible for my actions, and did not act, nor did i intend to act, in any way as a representative of the Tennessee Native American Convention (TNNAC) or of any other organization in which i may be involved. I make this statement in compliance with the TNNAC Board's requests.
[signed] thomas peter kunesh, 14 december 2004

am happy to answer individual requests privately in compliance with request 4 above.


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