lunes, 21 de abril de 2008

False assumptions

  • Names of historical tribes are free for the taking.
  • Native American Indian cultural club should be recognized as tribes in Tennessee.
  • Persons who are members of federally- or state-recognized tribes are not "Tennessee Indians".
  • Claimed relatives in related tribes should have no say in whether or not the relational claim is true or not.
  • The citizens of Tennessee should believe that every group that calls itself a "tribe" or "nation" in Tennessee is real.
  • "Tennessee Indians" are only those Native American Indian descendants whose 19th-century ancestors were born in Tennessee.
  • The claims of cultural affiliation to historic tribes made by culture clubs wanting to be recognized as tribes do not need to be proven.
  • Being a descendant of a 19th-century Native American Indian born in Tennessee qualifies a person as a 21st century "Tennessee Indian".
  • A group of Tennessee-born 21st-century Native American Indian descendants qualifies as an affiliate of a 21st century Tennessee Native American Indian tribe whose ancestors were 'removed' from Tennessee in the early 19th century.
- based on the rationale of the "Confederation of Tennessee Native Tribes" created in 2008 to advocate for the State of Tennessee's official recognition of 6 member culture clubs as tribes to the state legislature in the form of bills HB3299/SB3123 sponsored by Rep. Vaughn (D-Kingsport).

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