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doc 3: proposed RC amendment - use 1990 RC & change words- use "acknowledgement" instead of "recognition"

Proposed amendment to the proposed 2006 TNCIA Recognition Criteria:

1. Use the (shorter) 1990 Recognition Criteria, and
2. Change two terms:

A. "Recognition" to "Acknowledging" or "Acknowledgement",
B. "Roll" to "Registry".


1. Minimize changes to Recognition Criteria that the state approved in 1990 in hopes of quicker review and acceptance by the state Attorney General;
2. Address concerns by members of federally-recognized tribes that the words "recognition" and "roll" sound too similar to 'real' recognition.


1. Does not add "extra" language that may delay the state's review.
2. Reduces effect of two words used in _federal_ tribal recognition.

(This amendment may also be proposed in conjunction with deleting the recognition criteria section on "Recognition of tribes, nations and bands" - see doc 4: proposed RC amendment - delete RC for tribes&nations.)


The right to know is basic. Moreover, it is better to err
on the side of sharing too much information than risk
leaving someone in the dark. Information is power,
but it is pointless power if hoarded. Power must be
shared for an organization or a relationship to work.
- Max Dupree, Leadership is an Art, 1989, 104-5

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