sábado, 16 de abril de 2005

MB physical prayer day

had a great day out on Moccasin Bend this past saturday morning, checking to see how much work needs to be done to keep it cleaned up. the sparseness of rain this year (compared with the floods of last year) have kept the grass down but the privet continues creeping in undaunted.

we met 3 guys taking "additional GPS measurements" (AGM) along the riverbank, gridding out the shoreline more precisely for the Army Corps of Engineers to plan their riverbank stabilization before it loses another 30 feet of trees.

a MB work/physicalprayer day is scheduled for sunday, 1 may, 9am (eastern).
all are invited. bring gloves, swing-blades, clippers, water,
weed-eaters, chain-saws, water, snacks, sage, tobacco, etc.
starting at 8.30 we'll meet at the tree-line
right before the Winston Building.

for directions or more info contact
Cleata Townsend at (423) 698-2804
or Sandy Goins (sundance1877-at-yahoo.com)

be advised, there are many burials in the area.
this is also a good time to acquiant yourself with Tennessee's cemetery laws, specifically the laws governing abandoned cemeteries and their "termination". while this area is now federal property protected by federal laws like NAGPRA, ARPA and the NHPA, other Native American burial sites that aren't on federal land don't have this protection and thus are under constant threat of "termination" if found "in a neglected or abandoned condition".


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