domingo, 11 de marzo de 2007

an alternative agenda proposal for this coming saturday ...

    Committee Reports
    (- what good are committees if they don't meet or report? let's use them.)
  1. Agenda - need rules to control agenda-development process
  2. Rules & Procedures
    1. Bylaws
    2. Standing Rules
      1. agenda development issues - how do items get on the agenda? - who controls agenda development?
        1. standardized blank format
        2. procedure for submitting agenda item proposals
        3. procedure for submitting resolutions
      2. discussion rules - rules for in-meeting discussion with second-party proposals
      3. minutes' DRAFT circulated electronically (email/internet) to the public as well as to the Commissioners in advance of the Commission meeting.
  3. Education
    1. Basic (3 half-hour units, grades 5-12) school curriculum on Mississippian culture and the Three Sisters; approval of grant-writing.
    2. TN NAI music CD of TN indian musicians for school distribution; approval of grant-writing.
    3. TN NAI tourism map; approval of grant-writing.
  4. Health Care
    1. Research Initiative/Health & Education Community Assessment
    2. Promoting diabetes screening and blood-donation in coordination with local healthcare institutions at all in-state pow-wows.
  5. Funding - revised license plate proposal
    - Commission as unfunded mandate
  6. Website - needs update, better integration, more references
  7. Repatriation - Development of TN repatriation iniative of 11,150 "culturally-unaffiliated" NA remains using the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs' model, support for working with the TN Archaeological Advisory Council and Division of Archaeology.
  8. Housing - ?
  9. Indian Memorial Project - TN AmInd Day? m, 24 sep 2007 TN AmInd Month? october 2007?
  10. Legislative Committee - appointment for 2008 session
    Old Business
  1. Tribal recognition criteria
    1. Hearing comments & responses
    2. Proposed tribal recognition rules: action
    3. Tribal recognition application: action
  2. Mascot discontinuation: status
  3. Recognition of the Historic Tribes of Tennessee: status
  4. NA representation into the state parks' planning: action
    New Business
  1. Review and comment on proposed or pending state legislation (TCA 4-34-103.9)
    1. SJR0002 Urges the TNCIA and the BIA to recognize the Cherokee Wolf Clan as Native American Indians.
    2. SB0162 Prohibits state agencies from prohibiting use of American Indian symbols, names, and mascots.
    3. SB1307 Authorizes issuance of Native American cultural license plates.
      revised license plate proposal
    4. SB1371 Exempts bona fide Indian organizations from payment of $50 charitable solicitations registration fee.
    5. SB1681 Authorizes TDEC to issue recognition to certain Indian tribes; grants recognition to Cherokee Wolf Clan.
    6. SB2121 extends TNCIA to 2011.
  2. Letter of commendation to Tommy Veal.
  3. Next quarterly meeting date - proposed: saturday, 16 june, Chattanooga

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